In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Adrian Pickering, General Manager for Red Hat Middle East and North Africa, draws a comprehensive analysis on how the company’s open source methodology in making a difference in the overall operations and service delivery of telecom companies in the MENA region and beyond.

In line with the Huawei Analyst Summit 2024, Telecom Review conducted an exclusive interview with Neil Shah, Vice President Research & Co-Founder of Counterpoint Research, to discuss the development and convergence of mobile communications and AI technologies (and the value this brings) as well as the progress and challenges concerning network intelligence.

As CSPs and industries adopt digital transformation, ICT infrastructure Operations has become more critical than ever. Lu Yu, President of Huawei ICT Assurance and Operation Services Domain, stated that as a top global provider of ICT infrastructure, Huawei is committed to ensuring the stable operation of customers' networks worldwide. To facilitate and expedite the intelligent operations transformation of global customers, Huawei invests billions of RMB annually. In this interview, Lu Yu discusses Huawei's strategies in global ICT operations and how cutting-edge technologies like GenAI can revolutionize customer operations model, enhance efficiency, and provide better benefits through comprehensive upgrades to platforms, services, and processes.

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