Global 5.5G commercialization is accelerating. du CTO Saleem Alblooshi together with Eric Zhao, VP & CMO of Wireless Solution at Huawei, unveil how du provides the best experience with 5G-A technology as the top telecom service provider in the UAE, and discuss how Huawei's 5.5G GigaGreen solutions help du and global operators along their journey of 5.5G.

In an exclusive interview, President and CEO Vikram Sinha provides insights into Indosat's strategic initiatives, challenges, and opportunities in its transformation journey, highlighting the significance of the successful merger in shaping the company's trajectory in the telecommunications landscape. More importantly, he discussed how this strategic shift from telco to techCo can help achieve Indosat’s larger purpose of empowering Indonesia.

Aligned with its strategic goal of highlighting service providers worldwide, Telecom Review had the pleasure of meeting Sue White, Head of Strategy and Marketing at Netcracker Technology, during MWC Barcelona 2024. In this exclusive interview, White sheds light on Netcracker's role in the transition of telecom providers to digital providers, the significance of Generative AI, and the company's digital transformation initiatives, which aim to foster business growth.

In an exclusive interview with Telecom review, Ahmed Hamdan, Co-founder and CEO of Unifonic, reflected on the challenges faced while establishing Unifonic, the cultivation of an innovation culture within the company, and the strategies employed to build trust among 5,000 businesses. Discover how Unifonic collaborates with industry partners and its upcoming goals and milestones.

During LEAP 2024, Iwan Stella, Vice President and Head of Strategy and Commercial Management at Ericsson Middle East & Africa, engaged in an exclusive interview with Telecom Review. He shared the priorities, growth opportunities, and innovative solutions that the company delivers to its customers, highlighting the importance of people, R&D, and responsibility in their strategy.

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