During the Broadband Africa Forum 2023, Telecom Review conducted an interview with Gary Lu, President of Network Marketing and Solutions Sales at Huawei. The host, Mathew Reed, Chief Analyst of Service Provider Markets at Omdia, led a discussion on broadband development in Africa, all-optical development in Africa, and other interesting topics.

At Submarine Networks 2023, Gavin Rea, the Chief Technical Officer of Gulf Bridge International, imparted invaluable insights into GBI's distinctive solutions aimed at elevating global connectivity. In an interview with Telecom Review Asia, Gavin delved into the unique advantages of GBI's North Route and underscored the pivotal role of strategic partnerships in propelling the subsea cable industry forward.

In an interview with Telecom Review Asia at the Submarine Networks 2023 held in Singapore, Mohamed Nasr, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Egypt, provided insightful details regarding the introduction of WeConnect. He elaborated on how WeConnect revolutionizes global connectivity and its value to ecosystem partners.

During Asia Tech x Singapore (ATxSG) 2023, Aaron Chan, Vice President, Pan Asia Sales, DZS, shared valuable insights into the offerings and strategies of the company. In the interview with Telecom Review Asia, Chan highlighted the unique position of DZS in the market as well as its global partnerships with operators to transform access, subscriber, optical and cloud edge to advance digital transformation.

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